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The 2016 housing market is perfect for sellers. With low inventories, increasing home prices, and a large demand from buyers, a seller can do very well. TO make the most of such favorable selling conditions, sellers should do the following:

  • Hire a realtor
    A professional real estate agent can do wonders for a seller. Selling a home can be a daunting task that involves plenty of paperwork, negotiations, and other concerns. With an expert realtor at his side, a seller’s work becomes easier and the process of home selling, less stressful.
  • Prepare the property for the market
    Sellers should prepare the house before putting it up in the market. This means that all issues should be repaired or improved. From improvements on its appearance (fresh coat of paint, landscaping, wallpaper) to major repairs (heating, plumbing, ventilation), all of these must be addressed. At the same time, sellers should remember not to go overboard with the home improvements.
  • Price the property correctly
    A seller who incorrectly prices his property will face a hard time attracting buyers. Though it may be true that on a national level, home prices are at an uptick of 3 percent, this may not hold true at the local level. A more solid way to price a property is to compare its value to nearby homes that match its features. Then price the property accordingly.
  • Schedule the selling
    Home owners looking to sell their property should time when to put their home up for sale. It is generally better to sell a home during the more active months such as the summer. Buyers with families prefer to move into a new home before the start of the school year. This allows more time for them to settle in. Selling in the winter months should be avoided as buyers’ activities tend to drop at this period.
  • Aim for maximum exposure
    When marketing a home that is for sale, sellers should aim for maximum exposure. Getting the word out can employ various means. This includes using social media, using one’s own network of friends and family, to sophisticated marketing strategies to find or attract the right buyer. Sellers should also make sure that their property is listed on all the major online real estate portals such as or
  • Improve on the property’s curb appeal
    Sellers should work on their front lawn, whether it’s giving the lawn a trim, replacing the mailbox, or simply painting the front door. First impressions count. And in real estate, a property’s curb appeal can spell the success or failure in attracting a buyer.
  • Declutter and depersonalize
    On viewing days, sellers should aim to declutter and depersonalize their home. The fewer things there are in a room, the larger it will look. Do this by removing clutter such as knick knacks and other personal effects. Hiring cleaning services if one can afford it is also a good way to go.
  • Check the online listing of the property
    Sellers should make sure that their property listing offers more than just a snap shot of their property. Aside from good photos, the property listing should also contain details of the neighborhood. Important details such as nearby schools, parks, shopping and dining spots are all draws for a would-be buyer.

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