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Nestled in the foothills, Ahwatukee is conveniently located close to the I-10 freeway and centrally located in the Phoenix valley.

Cave Creek  

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Although incorporated in 1986, Cave Creek can trace its history back to 800 A.D. to the Hohokam Indians who settled along Cave Creek to grow crops.  The actual town of Cave Creek can attribute its origin to the Army’s decision to build a road connecting Fort McDowell to Fort Whipple in Prescott.


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Chandler is named after Alexander John Chandler,  the territory’s first veterinary surgeon who settled in Arizona in 1887. Chandler is now home to many high-tech manufacturers.  With the recent completion of the 202 Freeway, Chandler is well connected to the rest of the valley and a perfect place for anyone trying to minimize commuting time.

 Fountain Hills

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Fountian Hills was incorporated in 1989, and as of 2005 had a population of 23,000 residents. A scenic desert community, Fountain Hills has the world’s third tallest fountain. Built in 1971, the fountain can raise to over 560 feet when all three 600 horse-power pumps are operating. It is located within 20 minutes of Saguaro Lakes.


Town of Gilbert Profile
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Gilbert was established in 1912 on donated land from Robert Gilbert, and at one time was known as the Hay Capital of the World. Now, it is one of the fastest growing communities in the country.

City of Glendale Profile
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With the inception of the Arizona Canal Co. in the 1880’s, settlers had a reason to homestead in what is now central Glendale.  Shortly thereafter, the diagonal Grand Avenue was constructed as well as Glendale’s first school, the Glendale Grammar School.  During WWII, the army used Thunderbird Field to train civilian pilots for the military.  In the meantime, Luke Airforce Base was being built.  Glendale’s Thunderbird Field would soon become the Thunderbird American Graduate School for International Management.  The notable jewel for Glendale is the new Cardinals stadium, which will be open for the 2006 season.


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On Oct. 15, 2003, Maricopa became Arizona’s 88th city.  It is located approximatley 17 from the I-10 and Highway 347 exit.  Being 15 – 20 minutes from Chandler and the I-10, Maricopa is seen as an attractive alternative housing location compared  to its higher priced neighbors in the east valley.


City of Mesa Profile
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Mesa was settled in 1878 by pioneers from Utah and Idaho.  It received its name because of the broad plateau, or mesa upon which it is located.

 Paradise Valley

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The Town of Paradise Valley covers 15.5 square miles and has approximately 15,000 residents.  Paradise Valley is home to twelve resorts, making it one of Arizona’s premiere tourist destinations. The median home price is $1.5 million with many over $5 million.


City of Phoenix Profile
Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Now known as the sixth-largest city in the United States, it was as recent as 1950 when Phoenix was a city that had a population of a little over 100,000 and included 17 square miles.  Times have changed. Now it has a population over 1.4 million, including almost 400 square miles.  Between 1990 and 2004, the population has grown 44%


City of Scottsdale Profile
Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce

In 1881, Major Winfield Scott homesteaded on the site of the city that would eventually carry his name.   Scottsdale became the official name in 1896.  Even thought Scottsdale has been advertised as “the West’s most Western town”, this image has been eclipsed by the upscale shopping and resorts. Scottsdale luxury real estate continues to showcase much of Phoenix upscale real estate in communities such as Desert Mountain, DC Ranch, Estancia, Whisper Rock and Troon North.


City of Tempe Profile

Tempe came into existence in 1871 when Charles Trumbull Hayden built a flour mill and established a ferry to cross the Salt River.   Soon  a community grew up around Hayden’s Ferry and Hayden’s Mill.  Tempe, received it’s name upon the suggestion of Lord Darrell Duppa because he believed it resembled the Valley of Tempe in Greece.